7 Genius Carpet Cleaning Tricks for Your Dry Carpet

If you think wet cleaning your carpet once a year will enhance its life, think again! Carpets have several high traffic areas that accumulate dirt and grime. Cleaning these areas at regular intervals will help you steer clear of health scares and enhance your carpet’s service life. Though dry carpet cleaning in Alpharetta is not rocket science, it isn’t child’s play either. To help you avoid bumps along the way, we, in this post, impart a few helpful dry carpet cleaning tips.

1. Avoid Rubbing Stains
Rubbing stains on a dry carpet can do more bad than good. Rubbing tends to expand or spread the strain throughout the carpet, increasing your task. To avoid this, use a clean cloth, towel, or sponge to blot stains. To ensure the particles do not break down, apply gentle pressure. To avoid the stain does not spread, always blot it from the outside to the inside. Secondly, scrubbing a carpet can distort the carpet fibers and can flower the tips of the fibers. Even if the spot does get removed, the scrubbed area looks different from the surrounding area and is often an eyesore.

2. Vacuum at Regular Intervals
Vacuuming your carpet regularly can help keep a check on dirt and grime build-up. For cut pile carpets, prefer using a vacuum with a rotating brush. Vacuum high-traffic areas at least twice a week. Before you start using the vacuum, set it at the right height for the type of carpet you have. Don’t rush into the chore, and vacuum gently. Use attachments to access hard-to-reach areas.

3. Dry Clean your Carpet Regularly
The fact is the longer the time between cleanings, the tougher it is to keep your carpets like original. For active households with pets and kids, maintaining the carpet using a dry cleaning process especially in highly-used areas will prolong the life of any carpet. Most carpets “ugly out” before they wear out!

4. Apply Heat to Remove Wax
Many people use candles at home. Wax from candles gets embedded within the layers of the carpet. In order to not damage your carpet’s fabric, place a wet, white cloth or brown paper bag over the affected area. Heat your iron and run it over the cloth or bag gently to soften the wax. Use a blunt knife to scrape it off.

5. Use Ice to Get Rid of Dried Gum
While walking on the street, we often step on gum and realize the mess only once we spot it on the carpet. To get rid of dried gum, rub it with ice cubes. Once the gum solidifies, cut the strands of the carpet in such a way that the spot isn’t noticeable.

6. Avoid Using Excessive Water to Clean Your Carpet
When wet cleaning your carpet, don’t use more water than required. Remember mold loves damp areas. The longer your carpet is wet, the more the chances of it turning into a viral colony. To address this problem, ensure proper ventilation after cleaning the carpet. Open your doors and windows, and leave your fans or air conditioner switched on overnight.

7. Treat Blood Stains with Hydrogen Peroxide
Blood stains are difficult, but not impossible to get rid of. When you see blood stains on your carpet, act quickly. Use a solution of water and mild detergent to clean the affected area. Once the stain loosens up, scrape off as much of it as you can. Next, use hydrogen peroxide to treat the stain. When the solution comes in contact with the stain, foam will start forming. Use a clean towel to soak excess solution.

Follow these tips when cleaning your carpet and you’ll be amazed by the results. Never lose sight of the fact that you can’t do everything yourself. To avoid carpet cleaning mistakes, get a carpet cleaning company in Roswell by your side. At Hughes Dry, nothing is more important for us than ensuring your convenience and safety. Our reviews speak volumes about our expertise. To get more dry carpet clean cleaning tips in Roswell, call at 678-494-4884.

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