A quick remedy for dog and cat accidents

Even the best-behaved pets can have an occasional accident on your carpeting. Use the following method to clean and neutralize pet urine contamination.

  1. Blot with a white towel or use a wet/dry vacuum to remove fresh residue from the carpet.
  2. Continue to blot with a white towel until area is as dry as possible.
  3. Wet a fresh white towel with white vinegar. Blot the affected area until damp and allow drying.
  4. If an odor persists, then take a white towel that has been soaked in vinegar & place it over the affected area for twelve hours.

This method works well for small areas of urine contamination. Larger areas, areas with repeated contamination, and pet stains resulting from urine will require the services of a carpet cleaner specializing in pet odor decontamination.

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