About Hughes Dry Professional Carpet Cleaning

When Larry Hughes started Hughes Dry Professional Carpet Cleaning in 1991, he never wanted to be the biggest carpet cleaner, just the best! His entrepreneurial spirit, combined with his advanced knowledge of the floor care industry (he was a top-ten national salesman for Electrolux before becoming their management trainer) and his desire to provide exceptional customer service, compelled him to launch what would become one of the most respected and highest-rated carpet cleaning companies in metro Atlanta.
Hughes Dry Professional Carpet Cleaning in Atlanta, Ga.

About Hughes Dry Carpet Cleaning Hughes Dry is unique in many ways. The most obvious difference is that the company does NOT use any water to clean carpets or rugs. Their cleaning process involves the use of miniature organic “sponges” impregnated with safe citrus cleaners. When these sponges are rotated through the carpet fibers, they dissolve, trap, and absorb spots, soils, and most odors. They then vacuum up the sponges with powerful equipment and the customer can walk immediately on their carpets! “It has been proven that these sponges also trap up to 85% of their major allergens and up to 92% of their mold spores,” says Larry when asked why he chose to use this unique system of carpet care. “It is extremely healthy and safe,” he adds, “while never leaving a detergent residue behind, which can lead to a rapid re-soiling of the carpet.”

But what truly sets Hughes Dry apart from everyone else is their dedication to customer service. “We leave self-addressed and stamped evaluation cards with every client,” he explains. “We cook a hot breakfast every Monday morning for our Hughes Dry family and go over every evaluation card.” Perhaps that’s why Hughes Dry is the Best Pick carpet care company by Home Reports 14 years in a row.

Hughes Dry Professional Carpet Cleaning in Atlanta, Ga.
About Hughes Dry Carpet Cleaning

About Larry Hughes

Larry Hughes believes he got his strong work ethic from his dad, Bill Hughes, one of eight kids who grew up on a farm in Wisconsin. Though he never completed high school, his father always worked two jobs, providing for Larry, his mom and his sister in the quiet Midwestern town of St. Charles, IL. Determined that his son would get the education he never had, one of his proudest moments was when Larry graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin in 1972!

Larry has passed along that work ethic to his own children, who have all become part of this “family” business in some way. Oldest daughter Kara has worked on marketing and networked on behalf of the company. Son Kyle works side by side with his father to make sure the daily operations of Hughes Dry run smoothly. And youngest daughter Allie helps out part-time with mailings and special projects while attending University of Georgia. “Though we have several trucks now, I believe that our customers also feel part of our extended family at Hughes Dry,” says Larry proudly.

Though recommended cleaning frequency varies depending on the unique conditions in each home, many of Hughes Dry’s customers are on a regular four-month maintenance plan to keep their carpets clean and fresh year-round. “The most satisfying part of my business is talking to a lifelong customer and hearing them say, “It’s time to get my carpets dry cleaned. Please send George over at your convenience. The key is under the mat and there’s a blank check on the table!” In other words, we don’t talk about the price, she knows my tech by name, and it’s all about trust. George, as well of most of my techs, has been with me for years.”

“I love our reputation! I’m my own boss with a complete understanding that the real BOSS is our customers that we are privileged to serve!”