Can Carpets Be Cleaned Too Often?

Although those of us in the carpet cleaning industry usually experience the opposite where carpets are neglected and need a “resurrection” cleaning, carpets can be cleaned too often especially if copious amounts of water is used.

There are several methods of cleaning carpets including the home water extraction machines. The biggest problem with the breakdown of carpets stems from the overuse of water.

I have personally seen a handful of customers who kept pristine households and spotless carpets who have inadvertently ruined their carpets. Though upon visual inspection, their carpets almost looked brand new, the carpet backings were destroyed. How could this be?

Most carpets are constructed with primary and secondary backing to keep fibers in place, and to provide structural integrity to the carpet. Excessive amounts of water can penetrate the backings which are affixed with a layer of latex glues. Too much water will breakdown that latex causing a separation of the 2 layers. In time, the carpets may buckle, fibers may begin falling out, and that once stiff backing is as pliable as a dishrag. Generally, there is no good cost-effective way of salvaging the carpet and replacement is the only option.  

In summary, avoid the wet cleaning companies that leave your carpets wet for 6 hours or more. Avoid purchasing wet extraction equipment and using it monthly or quarterly. Consider a dry-cleaning company that uses no water at all!

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