For years, carpets have been given a bad rap in comparison to hard surface flooring. But did you know that over the life of the two flooring types, carpeting is MUCH LESS labor intensive to clean and maintain? In fact, the costs to maintaining hard surfaces is approximately 21/2 times more costly than cleaning carpets?

I recently consulted with an owner of a franchise to a major chain of hotels who required about carpet cleaning for their common areas and rooms while waiting for the owner to show up, I observed one of their cleaning crew dust mopping the large marble lobby area followed by a damp mopping. I estimated that it took 45 minutes to complete the task.

When the owner arrived, I asked when the carpets were last cleaned. To my shock, she said it had been 2 years since they all were cleaned. She knows that was too long of a length of time in between cleanings. After measuring up the square footage to all her hallways, I proposed an organic cleaning of the carpets at a price of 5X’s more than what she had paid in the past of $160.

To my amazement, we scheduled the cleaning for the next day and we received same day payment!

Never had she ever paid this amount for carpet cleaning!

The carpets turned out beautiful; they were completely dry and ready for immediate use; none of the spots had come back, and everything smelled fresh!

Though she reluctantly departed with the one time $800, I asked her would she mind paying us $10/day instead for the next year? She said she could afford that arrange better. Really?

So I took the liberty of calculating her true labor costs in maintaining her marble lobby + foyer which was about 75% smaller in square footage to all her hallways. Looking at a labor rate of $12/hour to include all the benefits, if it took 45 minutes/day to dust and damp mop the lobby, that the labor bottom line cost would only be $9/day. BUT, she was doing that EVERY DAY. Thus, her labor cost was 9 x 365 for a total of $3,285! That’s over 4 TIMES more than what she paid for us to organically clean her carpets that included 4 times more surface area.

Hotel owners, school administrators, business owners, and homeowners all Fall into the same myopic thinking. The maintenance of hard surfaces is usually done frequently involving short periods od time. But when you accumulate all of these hours over an entire year, the costs truly are glaringly higher that the costs of cleaning + maintaining carpets. For instance, in the case of this hotel, at 45 minutes a day.

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