Experts In Carpet Repairs

Experts In Carpet Repairs

All carpet cleaning companies in the carpet cleaning business see various issues involving carpet imperfections.  Since these issues are so prevalent, many companies have decided to tackle the jobs of restretching, patching, and seam repair.

Unfortunately, many carpet repairs are so amateurish, that sometimes the solutions are just as bad as the problem!  Many carpet technicians are poorly trained and even more dastardly, many are leaving as they go!  Some repairs are so poorly done that they are laughable.

At Hughes Dry, all our cleaning technicians see carpet repair issues often.  However, at Hughes Dry, we designate one technician, Westley, to handle all the necessary repairs.  The greater the number of opportunities to tackle carpet repairs, the more experienced and technically sound you become.

The analogy we often like to us is this:  If you needed hand surgery, who would you prefer to do the job; A general surgeon or a hand surgeon?  Most people would opt for a hand surgeon who does hand surgery all the time.  Thus, our carpet repair technician is the hand surgeon for Hughes Dry!

The list of carpet repairs that Hughes Dry performs are as follows:

  1. Restretching; removing wrinkles
  2. Patching burns and burnholes, unremovable carpet stains, doggie divots, cat scratches, pulls or runs
  3. Replacing pads and reinstalling existing carpets after water damage
  4. Installing tactless strips, metal thresholds and transitions
  5. Seam repair
  6. Complete urine decontamination: Pulling back carpet, excising affected pad, sealing subfloor, installing like pad and reattaching carpet
  7. Repairing minor decontamination (e.g. Glueing together primary and secondary backings)
  8. Repairing minor subfloor squeaks, correcting mislaid pad and upgrading pad (usually for pet reasons)

There will always be limitations to what can be done to repair a carpet.  Generally, carpets greater than 15 years in age typically are on the verge of replacement.  One must weigh out the costs of repair that may only “buy” one more year of use verses enjoying new carpet today!  Let the professionals at Hughes Dry Carpet Cleaning Atlanta advise you of the options and costs to make an informed decision.

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