Hardwood Floor Maintenance

Is the old mop and bucket just not cutting it anymore?   

Do you feel like you can never get your floors REALLY CLEAN?   

Has your finish dulled, and worn away? 

Are you considering going through the hassle of sanding, and refinishing the floors? 

While it provides good maintenance, sweeping and mopping is not designed to remove the layers of dirt and grease buildup on your hard surfaces.  Having your Hardwoods professionally cleaned can GREATLY EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR FLOORING, and bring back the old shine that made you fall in love with them!

  • 1. We offer furniture moving and re-installation!

  • 2. Our Dirt Dragon Hardwood Floor Cleaning System can clean and finish the same day!

  • 3. We use REAL Urethane!  Not some temporarily shiny acrylic finish from the box stores.

  • 4. Our Maintenance Hardwood Refinisher is water based and LOW VOC!  No need to leave the home while we work!

  • 5. Having your hardwoods Cleaned and applying our Maintenance Refinisher will greatly extend the life of your hardwoods- Putting the costly and messy sanding, staining, and sealing off for YEARS.

  • 6. This Cleaning works on solid wood, engineered wood, laminate, LVT and linoleum.