Most Commonly Asked Question

The most commonly asked questions which consumers ask about their carpet is……. How often should my carpets be cleaned? Though the answer will depend greatly on what kind of traffic it gets. Indoor, outdoor pets, active kids, and relaxed house rules will greatly affect that decision. Personal esthetics and frequency of vacuuming play a part I the decision, but the Carpet and Rug Institute says that all carpets and rugs should be cleaned every 12-18 months.

However, for those families with multiple occupants, certain rooms like family rooms and stairs can’t go that long in between cleanings. That is why a regular maintenance plan makes sense for them.  

And for retirees with minimal activity within the house, that 12-18-month time may seem too frequent. Although appearance wise, the carpets may look acceptable, allergies and pollutants in the air always fall to the lowest level and enbed themselves within the carpet. Thus, to keep up the overall health of the carpet and improve the indoor air quality, a 12-18-month cleaning does make sense.

But the simplest response to that question is to ask this question: If you were to put white towels down on your major traffic areas, how often would you pick them up and wash them? Weekly? Monthly? Everyday? Obviously, it is not feasible to lift up one’s carpets and put them in the washing machine. Fortunately, carpets are manufactured that will masterfully hide that soiling. The fact still remains, it’s the same soil that were transferred on those white towels that will transfer on the carpet fibers.

Lastly, the longer in between cleanings and the more soiled one’s carpets get, the harder to get those carpets back to original. Thus, consider The Hughes Dry Maintenance Plan to keep ones’ carpets fresh and healthy especially in those areas in the house that get the most use.


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