Organic Carpet Cleaning Tips That Homeowners Often Ignore

If you love your carpet and get it cleaned periodically, you’re doing a great job. Carpets, over time, accumulate dirt and grime, which not only drags down their aesthetics but also transforms them into a happy hunting ground for viruses and other harmful microbes. We all know the benefits of cleaning carpets regularly, however, there is a side to carpet cleaning that many homeowners are unaware of. Many homeowners and even carpet cleaning companies use a concoction of chemicals. These chemicals emit toxic fumes into the environment, contributing to the already grave threat of environmental pollution. Additionally, homeowners commit various mistakes when cleaning their carpets. These mistakes often mean more than a shoddy job and can impact the environment. The good news is that gradually many homeowners and carpet cleaning companies in Cumming are waking up to the dangers of using toxic chemicals for carpet cleaning and are switching to greener cleaning options. No one understands the science behind organic carpet cleaning better than experts at Hughes Dry. We are an organic carpet cleaning company in Alpharetta. Our proprietary Host Dry Organic carpet cleaning system is not only effective but also eco-friendly. To help improve awareness towards green carpet cleaning, we, in this post take a look at some of the most basic, yet ignored organic carpet cleaning tips.

1. Use Undiluted Vinegar to Get Rid of Chewing Gum and Crayon Stains
If you have kids, we’re sure you know the headache of maintaining your carpet. For toddlers, the world is their playground. They often throw pieces of food on the ground and love showcasing their artistic talent by trying to color the carpet using their crayons. Your carpet pays the ultimate price to nurture your child’s ambition to be the next DaVinci. To show love to your carpet, dip a discarded toothbrush in vinegar and lightly brush the stain. For stubborn stains, use a mixture of lukewarm vinegar and water. Sponge the affected area. Let it dry for 10-15 minutes. After 15 minutes, scrape the stain gently. You can also use a number of other household products such as baking soda, cornstarch, club soda, and borax to get rid of stubborn stains. But before using any of these household products, test them in an inconspicuous spot for colorfastness.

2. Let your Carpet Dry
Wet carpets are breeding ground for harmful bacteria and mold. To avoid health concerns, let the carpet dry after getting it cleaned. To ensure proper ventilation, open the doors and windows. In areas with low humidity, using a fan would suffice. However, if the internal humidity is high, you may have to switch on your air conditioner and space heaters.If you are drying the carpet in your hallway, place air movers at the opposite ends. Fortunately with Hughes Dry, no additional ventilation is necessary. The cleaned carpets are ready for immediate use.

3. Vacuum your Carpet Regularly
Studies have shown that nearly 85% of what is found in carpets and area rugs is some form of dried soil. In fact, many of these dried soils like silica can actually abrade and scratch the fibers leading to the dulling of the carpet on high walked-on areas.

4. Use Plant Based Cleaning Products
To get rid of tough carpet stains, you may have to look beyond household products. When buying a cleaning product, steer clear of carpet cleaners that include toxic substances such as tetrachloroethylene, ammonium hydroxide, and perchloroethylene. Instead, look for plant -based detergents.

A green and healthy carpet= A healthier you
Follow these tips to ensure cleaning your carpet does not come at a cost. To avoid health risks, consult an expert for carpet cleaning. Let experts at Hughes Dry help you avoid carpet cleaning nightmares. We are a leading organic carpet cleaning company in Atlanta. As an environmentally conscious team, we understand our responsibility and are always on the lookout for greener cleaning methods and products. To discuss your project, call at 678-494-4884. You can also fill out our contact form, and we will call you ASAP.

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