Why Carpets Should Be Cleaned By Professionals

Your carpet does much more than just cover your floor. It is your kids’ and pets’ indoor playground where they spend a substantial part of their day. Unclean carpets can be a homeowner’s nightmare. They are a bridge that connects our world to the disgusting world of harmful microbes and critters. High traffic areas in your carpet are subjected to abuse on a daily basis. To prevent your carpet from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and disease, you must clean it regularly. If you, like many other homeowners, consider carpet cleaning to be far too easy and prefer taking the DIY route, please reconsider. Carpet cleaning is not as simple as you may think! A wrong step can not only cause irreversible damage to your carpet but can also bring your worst infestation nightmares to life. To avoid carpet cleaning mistakes, hire a professional carpet cleaning company in Alpharetta. If you need professional carpet cleaning services in Atlanta, we at Hughes Dry would love to hear from you. We’re your carpet doctors. We love your carpet as much as you and can help ensure its health. We can give you not one but four reasons why hiring a carpet cleaning professional is more important than you think.

1. Professionals use Specific Methods
While you may think a concoction of items from your kitchen can help you address carpet cleanliness, let us tell you, you’re grossly misinformed. Homemade solutions, at best, can scratch the surface. To get a long-term and effective solution, you need a carpet cleaning company in Atlanta by your side. Professional carpet cleaners use proprietary and time-tested methods. To solve infestation and other concerns, we at Hughes Dry rely on our in-house developed Host Dry Organic carpet cleaning method. Research shows that our method helps kill 85 percent of dust mites and around 97 percent of mold spores during the first wash itself.

2. Professionals can Help Save Time
Cleaning your carpet by yourself can be a laborious and time-consuming task. To avoid inconvenience, partner with a professional carpet cleaner. Expert carpet cleaners use equipment that is specially designed to help them access hard-to-reach areas. Equipped with years of experience, carpet cleaning experts approach every job professionally. They take several steps to ensure flawless execution, which helps save time and money.

3. Carpet Cleaners use Low Moisture Cleaning Methods
A damp carpet is a homeowner’s nightmare. Harmful bacteria and different types of molds love moisture and thrive in a wet carpet. Professional carpet cleaners are well aware of the health risks that wet carpets pose and use low-moisture equipment and methods to nip the problem in the bud. Many experts use equipment with sanitizers that are highly effective at neutralizing viruses and other threats.

4. Experience and Knowledge
Carpet cleaning professionals are subject matter experts. Whether be it the right way of treating stains or coming up with a specific action plan to clean different types of carpets, they have everything under control. Hiring a professional is your ticket to avoiding convenience issues and can help add years to your carpet’s service life.

Ready to Show Some Love to Your Carpet?
If you are tempted to take the DIY route to clean your carpet, remember that your carpet’s health can have a major impact on the well-being of your loved ones. To keep your carpet happy, talk to experts at Hughes Dry. To learn more about us, call at 678-494-4884 or fill out our contact form and leave us a message.

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