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We’ve used other dry cleaning companies in the past, but the carpets were wet for 3 hours or more. How are you different?

Everyone wants to advertise that they are dry because of all the inherent problems with excess moisture. Most companies that state that they “dry clean” carpets often have a low moisture method that usually doesn’t affect the pad underneath, however, it usually is unadvisable to walk on the carpets. This can be a major inconvenience.
The Hughes Dry Carpet Cleaning method involves very minimal moisture. Our organic sponges do contain moisture, however, the moisture content is approximately equivalent to 1 teaspoon of water per square foot. Except on carpets that require extensive pretreatment due to excessive soiling, our cleaned carpets are ready to use immediately.

How often should carpets be cleaned?

The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends that household carpets should be cleaned every 12-18 months. Though many carpets may not visibly demonstrate the outward need for cleaning, pollutants in the air, allergens, and oils usually go undetected but should be removed. The longer time in-between cleanings, the more difficult the challenge to get the carpet back to original. Thus, a more frequent cleaning is recommended.

Why do spots reappear?

Some “so-called” reappearing spots are just new ones in the same area. We sometimes see that around favorite chairs in the TV room or by Fido’s favorite area in the house. However, most reappearing spots that come back within a day or two of a cleaning is as a result of a “wickback.” Typically, the spot was dissolved and gravity pulled it down to it’s lowest level, the backing. When it dries, through capillary action, the spot moves up the carpet yarn back up to the surface. Thus, with most wet cleaning methods, reappearing spots can be an often occurrence.
Sometimes a reappearing spot is caused by the use of usually an alkaline spotter that was not properly rinsed out. The residue left behind can attract soil like a magnet. It’s rare that new spots ever come back immediately with our dry cleaning method. But if they do, SO DO WE!!

What assurances do you give that my carpets will be clean?

If you are uncertain, we ask that you pick the worst area of the house to clean. We will gladly clean a 4 x 4 area and let you see the results. In some cases, we may need to clean it a couple of times, but you are the ultimate decision maker. If it is clean to your satisfaction, we can continue. If you are not satisfied we can simply leave and there is no cost. Occasionally, there are stains that no company can get out. They are permanent. However, through the years we have built a reputation for getting out stains where others have failed. Though we may not get out every single stain in an excessively soiled carpet, it can still be clean and healthy but not completely stain-free.

Will frequent cleanings of the carpet lead to a faster replacement?

A carpet cleaned frequently but improperly can lead to a premature replacement especially if copious amounts of water continue to penetrate into the carpet backing. However, with our method of dry cleaning, the life of the carpet is actually enhanced. Extracting impurities, soils, sands, etc out of the carpet is key. Thus, frequent vacuuming along with our carpet cleaning method will actually prolong the life of your carpet.

I’ve heard that it’s best to put off the cleaning of my carpet as long as possible because it will re-soil quickly. True of False?

False! That is an old wive’s tale, but there is a little truth in it. If a cleaning method leaves a lot of residue in the carpet, it will attract soil and will lead to a rapid re-soiling. With Hughes Dry, our product is approved by nearly every manufacturer of stain resistant carpets, leaves no oily or sticky residue behind, and spots do not reappear.

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