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Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Atlanta GA

If Hughes Dry is your carpet cleaning partner, you can truly keep them for a very long time. The only thing you need to do is get them cleaned frequently. Simply call Hughes Dry, and your questions will be answered if you are unsure how frequently and how your carpet should be cleaned. We always ensure that the outcomes speak for themselves if you use our carpet cleaning services.

Hughes Dry earned a reputation as the most Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Atlanta GA, by utilizing organic cleaning products and cutting-edge techniques. We also have a track record of success in cleaning carpets of different designs and textures.

The Metro Atlanta area is home to roughly 750 carpet cleaners so finding the perfect fit for your home can be a daunting task!

At Hughes Dry Professional Carpet Care our mission is to provide the highest quality of clean possible while also educating and changing the way people think about carpet cleaning. For over three decades the Hughes Dry family has been serving your community in the Metro-Atlanta area, offering a revolutionary DRY CARPET CLEANING process that offers a superior alternative to water based cleaning methods!

Let us take this task off your busy schedule!

Here’s a Snapshot of how the HUGHES DRY Process Works:

An initial walkthrough of all areas to be cleaned ensures that our technician is made aware of all of our customer’s concerns.

2- The Furniture is moved

Our standard cleaning process includes the moving of: sofas, loveseats, chairs, tables, nightstands, lamps, and waste baskets.

3- Areas are Pre-Vacuumed

– 80-85% of contaminants in your carpet are actually DRIED SOILS! So, adding water only makes them harder to remove! This is the most frequently skipped step in the cleaning processes of other companies. Or worse, they ask the customer to perform it before the cleaning.

4- Our cleaning Micro-Sponges are applied to the carpet

Our HOST Dry Sponges are moist, they are impregnated with an incredibly safe citrus solvent. The sponges dissolve the soils on the carpet fiber then trap those soils within the sponge.

5- The technician, using our specialized machine, scrubs the Micro-Sponges through the carpet yarns in several different directions.

Our Carpet Cleaning machine is designed after a Carpet Pile Lifter. Its delicate brushes lift and separate every carpet yarn to scrub our product thoroughly through the carpet fibers.

6- Spots, soils, and traffic areas are treated

In conjunction with our micro-sponges, we use a variety of supplemental products and processes to get the best results possible on stains and traffic. Each Technician is armed with an arsenal of surfactants designed to treat everything from urine, vomit, and feces to shoe polish, wine stains, and rust!

7- The soiled Micro-Sponges are extracted from the carpet

With the flip of a switch, a vacuum is engaged on the same machine extracting the soiled sponges from your now clean carpet.

8- The room is edged and detailed to ensure that all areas of the carpet that are accessible are cleaned and sanitized.

9- A final post vacuum is completed to pattern the carpet, and give it a fresh and clean look.

Your carpet is now CLEAN, DRY, and READY FOR IMMEDIATE USE

Environmentally Preferred Carpet Cleaning

Host Dry Is Safe and Eco Friendly

Here at Hughes Dry, we understand your concerns. No one enjoys waiting several hours or days for sudsy, and wet carpet to dry. No one is impressed when a splash and dash cleaner is in and out of your home before you can say “wick-back”. Fortunately Hughes Dry has a solution. For over three decades, in the Metro Atlanta area we have been using the Host Dry Extraction system; a superior alternative to water based carpet cleaning. Host Dry is USDA certified to be Bio-Based and Bio-Preferred, as well as carrying the WoolSafe seal of approval and Green Seal certification, which is the highest standard for environmentally friendly cleaning products in the carpet cleaning and restoration industry. Our HOST SPONGES are Green Seal certified and Wool Safe approved. HOST is plant-based. When it comes to natural and green carpet cleaning, HOST sets the bar at the highest level. When natural is a must for your home environment, Host Dry is the best option.

The Cons of Water Extraction or “Steam Cleaning”

The last time your carpet was cleaned, chances are you used a water extraction company. We know that the best water extractors on the market are only capable of extracting at a 60-65% efficiency. This has nothing to do with the specific company or technician, it is simply a fact about the equipment they use. So if a room requires 10 gallons of water to “clean” 3.5-4 gallons of dirty, chemically rich cleaning solution will remain! This poses several risks:

    1. Mold Growth – The last thing anyone wants from a “professional” cleaning is to have inadvertently created the perfect environment for mold and mildew growth. As it turns out, that may be exactly what you’re getting from a water extraction process. If the carpet is not dry within 4 hours the natural process of decay takes over and the carpet begins to grow mold and mildew. Even if the surface of the carpet feels “dry”, the backing, padding, and subfloor may remain wet for several more hours or even days!


    1. Funky Odors – Many of our customers have complained to us about the unpleasant odor that can occur after having the carpets wet cleaned. These off-putting smells are a result of over-saturated carpets. The excessive moisture and the subsequent lengthy dry time leads to the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. This will almost invariably lead to a dingy scent, in spite of any deodorizer used during the cleaning.


    1. Wick-Back – Have you ever had a spot removed only to watch it return days later? This is because carpet dries through capillary action. When a spot is cleaned with a water extractor, their high pressure water systems (often over 500PSI) force the contaminants further down into the backing & padding of the carpet. Gravity then holds these contaminants under the carpet. Right after the cleaning is completed the spot appears to have been removed. However, gravity holds these contaminants when the fibers begin to dry, the moisture at the base of the fiber has to wick to the surface to evaporate. As the liquid returns to the surface, the unextracted soils at the base of the fibers come with it. Just like that your stains have reappeared! When this process takes several days it means your carpet was wet for that entire time!


  1. Inconvenient Preparation and Setup – In order to prepare a customer’s home for a water extraction cleaning, a cumbersome amount of prep work is required of the homeowner:

    a). Furniture in all areas that are being cleaned needs to be put up on foam blocks.

    b). All drapery, bedskirts, and similar fixturing needs to be suspended.

    c). Pets and Children need to be accounted for and put away to accommodate a door or window remaining open for the ENTIRE cleaning.

    d). Since many wet cleaners don’t vacuum the floors beforehand, the responsibility for doing so also falls to the customer.

    e). Most water extraction machinery runs out of the technician’s vehicle, which means that they need special parking accommodations. This can be challenging in many high density or urban communities.

    f). This reliance on vehicle mounted equipment also means water extractors have difficulty operating in cold or inclement weather. No one wants their home open to the elements on a rainy day.

    g). A long hose, which often requires several extensions, will be dragged and pulled all over the home. Special care needs to be taken not to scratch flooring, walls, doorways, transitions, and anywhere the hose may come in contact with.

    h). Because of lengthy dry times and strong toxic chemicals, any carpeted areas of the home that were cleaned cannot be used for several hours, possibly even several days.

    i). The list of complications goes on and on, but fret not. Our dry process is specifically designed to avoid all of these issues, and provide a superior, longer-lasting clean.