Community Service Projects

Dylan’s Dream Bedroom and Bathroom Reveal

There is a special, non-profit organization called Sunshine on a Ranney Day. The principals behind it are Holly and Peter Ranney. Their mission is to help children with life-long disabilities and their families. They transform their bedrooms, play areas, and bathrooms into stimulating, functional, and wheelchair accessible paradises! Sunshine on a Ranney Day enlists the support of volunteers and contractors and receive support from companies that donate money, products, materials and their expertise.

Here at Hughes Dry, we were called upon in the second week in February, 2017, to help with Dylan’s family. All of the heavy work and reconstruction was completed. Our role was simply to freshen the carpets after weeks of contractor traffic in Dylan’s makeover home in Woodstock.

Happily, we consented and cleaned Dylan’s carpets and they were ready for immediate use that same hour! The reveal was the following business day! What a great feeling knowing you truly are contributing in a positive and healthy way! Should anyone wish to bring some needed sunshine into the lives of families beset with some physical limitations, please consider donating time or money to this worthy organization,

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